Anna Wintour gets dumped

The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala draws a big crowd and even bigger event coverage. The who’s who of fashion is usually in attendance and is organized by the lovely people at Conde Nast.

This year, dubbed AngloMania after the Met’s forthcoming AngloMania exhibit of Britian’s posh and punk fashion, went off without a hitch with an English twist. Mini gardens and tables without no table cloths were all the rage.

Well next year Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue will now have to find a new interior decorator-party planner, because David Monn, who who took over the design of the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from Robert Isabel two years ago, told Wintour he was dumping her as a client in a fit of pique earlier this week.

Page Six says:

“David was very angry, he worked very hard to create the gala last May, and it looked beautiful. But then Vogue covered the event in the July issue and made no mention of him whatsoever. They mentioned all of the Vogue staffers who were there – but not him. He was livid.”

Wintour, apparently unaware Monn’s feelings were hurt, tried to contact Monn this week to get him to sign on for next year’s event – but he told her, “No way.”

“Anna is furious,” another source said. “No one has ever fired The Queen! Can you imagine? Scandal!”

Wintour, too, has a right to be angry.

“David was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars,” the source explained. “He was paid while most everyone else donated money or their time. The event is for charity, and all the big designers buy tables for $50,000 and advertisements. Anna herself donates a lot of money. And he gets paid cash and wants a mention? Ridiculous!”

The Gala is such a big production, goodness knows how they do it.