What do I know about men’s fashion?

Michael emailed in to ask if will I ever included men’s fashion on SASSYBELLA.com. And I knew I had forgotten something (after that one Chanelling piece on Chad Michael Murray I completely forgot to add more for the guys).

Oh and did I mention it is Men’s Spring Fashion Week 2007? Oh and that I had spent a good hour or so looking at The Sartorialist blog on Men.Style.com from Paris and Milan. Just look how gorgeous this Calvin Klien model is (pictured). Isn’t he fantastic eye candy?

I must admit I’m not all that knowledgeable about men’s fashion. But I do know two Australian menswear labels that I adore for their tailoring as well as their fashionable sleek look’s that aren’t too flashy. If I had a boyfriend (or if my brother was old enough) I’d shop there for them.

Who are they then? AG and Calibre. Love them. And it’s a bonus that they are both Melbourne labels that I have come across at various fashion shows. They’re tailoring is great. Also after having to hem their pants, and get gorgeous male models in and out of their clothes for the catwalk, they are definitely stand out clothes. For more casual wear, give Josh Goot or Bowie a go.

As for cool men’s fashion websites to check out Michael… there is:

I quite like Australian GQ the magazine, but they don’t have a full website.

For ideas on what to wear, menswear trends tend to not change so drastically from season to season like womenswear, but what I find useful is to pick a stylish guy (or celebrity) who’s clothes you always like, and channel his look. The sportier suit look is suppose to be coming back in for guys, but really jeans and a tshirt or jeans and shirt can never go wrong for most occasions. Taking looks straight off the catwalk for men is always a big no no. After all this wouldn’t be a good look now would it?

Just pick the right print and you’re good! Oh and never believe everything you read about what’s coming back “in”. I read today that beards are coming back in. I hope they don’t mean scruffy beards. Gross.