Theme your week – last week bitter was the new black

Last week I had a ‘themed’ week. Where every morning I would try and dress to a certain them. Inspired by the book title, ‘Bitter is the new Black’ – quite reflective of my attitude to certain things (i.e. cynical, frustration, annoyance) – I decided to theme my week’s outfits black.

So on Monday morning I went with a pair of Sass & Bide skinny black pants and a grey turtle neck knit. Sleek and chic. Pair that with my black wool coal and black Luella Stevie. And I had my dark outfit to suit my dark mood, could have been going to my very own funeral.

Tuesday morning came along and I still wasn’t feeling so crash hot, but wanted to be a little flouncy. So the outfit for the day was my black tulle skirt (worn as a top and cinched at the waist by a black satin ribbon), black cardi and Joes Jeans (in hindsight dark denim jeans would have been much more suitable).

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Wednesday came around and I didn’t want to wear half my black clothes (and I do have quite a few pieces). After trying on what seemed like a zillion black tops, dresses and bottoms, I ended up changing into my Morrissey wool skirt with a pink bow and cami from Hunter Gatherer. The black cardi got another work out. But I was carrying my black Stevie.

On Thursday, I tried to go all black. I got the black tights (not footless) and black cardi, but I couldn’t resist pairing my denim a-line skirt (worn as a dress) with it. Cinching it at the waist with a Witchery plaited bronze metallic belt. They look was super cute. So much for being bitter in black.

Verdict? Dressing up with a theme was actually quite amusing. Helped me take my mind of things that were annoying me. We won’t even go into what I wore on Friday because I forgot to take a pic (and it wasn’t black) – dark denim skinny jeans, navy cardi and if my memory serves me correctly, a floral cami. Nothing black in the entire day. Perhaps maybe my mood during certain events, but that’s it. I swear.

Maybe I’ll try it again next week. This week I’m aiming to wear a different piece of denim every day. So far so good.