Put a MiniSock on like Gemma Ward

Do you think about socks much if at all these days?

I usually think of them when I wear boots, and if I owned and wore sneakers. They’re an accessory that has practically forgotten about since ballet flats became so popular.

French designer, Delphine Murat has come up with an ingenious idea to make socks fashionable again with her line of MiniSocks.

Like sockets, they add a bit of extra jazz to any outfit. Slip them on with a pair of sexy stiletto heeled pumps or a pair of plain ballet flats then lace then around your ankle like a ballerina; they will add a bit of French sophistication to your footwear any day.

Give your outfit an eighties sporty look like Gemma Ward modeled in the April 2006 issue of UK Vogue (pictured), or pair a lacy mini sock with black heels for some sexy sophistication.

Available in Australia in black, pink, blue, gold, silver and lace for AUD$69 a pop, they’re exclusive to Tuchuzy’s Bondi Beach Store. So isn’t it about time you pop by 90 Gould St, Bondi Beach, in Sydney?

I am very tempted to buy a lace pair – with cropped pants/pencil skirt and heels it could definitely turn heads.

[Update] They’re now also available online at eDressMe.com.


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