Never layer with a body suit like Kelly Clarkson and Sienna Miller

I don’t know how I feel about these. Actually I do, they look horrible. Bodysuits should be kept in the 80s – 99.9% of the time they look horrible on the wearer.

What was Kelly Clarkson thinking?

There are too many things going on in that outfit. First a black bra (which is quite cute I must admit), then that mesh body suit thing, and to top off the look, a black triangle bikini top. Just wait, it gets worse… see the full body shot here.

Body suits as every day wear never looks good on anyone. Especially if you have a pear shaped body like Kelly.

This follows last week’s pictures of Sienna Miller wearing a one piece swim suit under a pleated mini skirt – not on a beach, but walking around the city streets of New York. She was with that guy she has a on and off thing with, Jude Law.

To whom she is apparently planning to propose too.