Mischa told to learn how to act, perhaps Lindsay could join her?

It’s about time someone told her to learn. After all she has mastered the art of staring and looking clueless, but not much else. Apparently she is honing her skills to be a better actor at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She must be practicing one of her new “dramatic” faces (pictured left).

Lindsay Lohan can join her, because Hohan wants to move to London to be best friends with Kate Moss. Then Hohan and Mischa can both go to class together The O.C. style. But then neither one could be the super sweet Summer (Rachel Bilson’s character).

Maybe one can play Mischa’s character, Marissa, and the other can play the mother, Julie.

Which one will be marrying a rich men for their money and which one will be the super slut / druggie?

Only time will tell.


  • Kate says:

    hee hee. You are so right, Mischia is not even a great actress, sadly Lindsay does have the potential but she projects the image of a slut, druggie, and hard-partier.
    congrats on the good article,

  • Jennifer says:

    Yeh, every episode of the OC i watch she stares in nearly every scene. Yet for some reason she blagged most of the magazine covers when the show launched. Thank god people have seen that Rachel Bilson has far more acting ability.

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