Is Sienna still a ‘style icon’?

She burst on the scene as the new Kate Moss in 2004, but has Sienna Miller’s star doesn’t seem to be shining as bright these last few months.

Could it be that everyone is sick of boho chic? Or could it be the fact that the on-again, off-again nature of her relationship with Jude Law is boring everyone? (Because frankly, who cares anymore? The latest is that Jude dumped her because of his children, and James Franco is not dating Sienna) Or that her wardrobe these days is not so special anymore?

While Kate Moss’s star has shone even brighter, Sienna’s has dimmed. So can she really be called a fashion icon? Her outfits over the last few months will have a few people puzzled. There is black swimsuit paired with a ra-ra skirt outfit, the matching green outfit with a pink cowboy hat – that matched her mother’s outfit down to the T, and the other random outfits she throws together that have people wondering if she got dressed in the dark. And did I mention her new bleached blonde hair?

Even Go Fug Yourself is not amused, calling the shiny gold outfit she wore to the MET awards absurd.

What do you think?

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  • maria bergmann says:

    I was wondering, that anybody is thinking, that sienna miller wants to be a fashion idol, in every interview, I have red, she told us how boreing it is to see all this pic`s in magazines, and she told the interviewer, that she wants to try to have a realy bad style and wants to see, what the magazines will do, if she have an obvious bad taste for fashion! so she never ever wants to be other than a realy good actress, not even a moviestar. so she comes closer to her own, if she does not have any care for her clothes!
    what do you think?

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