I Spy… many MJ Stam bags in Melbourne

I couldn’t keep count how many of the classic but quirky Marc Jacobs Stam bags I saw in Melbourne on Saturday. And not just in the basic black, there was an aqua one, as well as a green-ish one in a store.

Hilary Duff seems to have found a way to accessorise her bike with one of her beloved Marc Jacob Stam bags. Talk about riding in style.

Pick one up now at Eluxury, they’ve just been restocked!


  • marc e. marc says:

    gosh, she needs a basket for her bike to hold that latte. or probably that’s just not stylish enough for her (GEEKY. also what’s up with chaining that bag to her bike??!! silly to ride a bike w/a$1000+ classy bag…sheez. 😛

  • Aysha says:

    my cousins a millionaire and she gave me her black stam bag!! 😀

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