Hilary Swank the face of Insolence

When we heard that Guerlain has signed on Hilary Swank to be the face of their new fragrance, Incolence, targeted for a young consumer base, no one really paid much attention.

This is the first time that Guerlain has signed a celebrity to front one of their fragrances, following the lead that many fragrance houses have taken in recent years. Chief Executive of Guerlain said that Hilary was chosen by the French cosmetics giant because, “She is more than just a spokeswoman for us. She was the muse for the project.

“The company choose Swank because they felt she had the personality and character which embodied the Guerlain spirit.”

How is Hilary Swank all that relevant to a young audience? Especially when you have young stars like Britney Spears and her fragrance range targeting the same audience?

The print ad makes Hilary look rather manly… so maybe when Guerlain’s International Marketing Director Laurent Boillot added:” She is a feminine mix of Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro. She is capable of transforming herself.” He meant it.

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