Hilary Duff and Kylie Minogue join the fragrance game

It was announced last week that Australian pop singer, Kylie Minogue, has signed a perfume deal with Coty.

And before you ask, Coty also make perfumes with David and Victoria Beckham, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker – just to name a few.

Should be interesting what the Aussie will produce, and it is good to see her back in business after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Joining Kylie in the fragrance headlines is Hilary Duff who is releasing her fragrance, With Love Hilary Duff, with Elizabeth Arden in the Northern Fall.

The entrepreneurial actress / pop star who is still in her teens told reporters that she “wants to be a nose”.

Gosh that is a strange saying if you don’t keep in mind that she is promoting her fragrance…