Blonde to red to blonde leaves Kirsten Dunst with bad hair

Dying her locks from its natural blonde to the rich red for Spiderman, the bleaching it platinum blonde for Marie Antoinette has left Kirsten Dunst’s hair a little worse for wear.

When Annie Leinovitz tried to shoot the popular actress for an upcoming Vogue cover, sources said she found the photographs not up to the Vogue standards.

They tried to return her hair back to a more natural shade of blonde for the cover shoot after she finished filming both films. But the photographs weren’t up to par. With Leibovitz apparently being sent out to reshoot the cover again last week.

Parisian color wizard Christophe Robin, who worked with Dunst on “Marie Antoinette” but who said he has not touched her hair in about a year, had warned the actress about triple-processing. Robin told WWD that he shied away from utterly stripping her hair to achieve her white blonde tresses for the movie. “You can’t just change your color the way you change your jacket,” he said to the WWD.

Take this as a warning ladies (and gentlemen). At least Kirsten’s locks are looking a lot better – more natural – now.


  • katie says:

    yah whatever.

  • Madyson says:

    That happened to me. I went from natural black to blonde to platinum. Takes a bunch of deep conditioning to fix that mess.
    By the way, I think Kirsten Dunst is fugly.

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