Ashlee Simpson does Pink for Victoria Secret

no no no no no no NO.

I refuse to believe the rumours that Ashlee Simpson has been signed on to front the Victoria’s Secret line Pink.

Apparently she beat out that other American idol / singer Kelly Clarkson for the lucrative contract with the lingerie giant.

Pink is VS’s younger and cuter line of lingerie that’s sporty, colourful and fun.

But I don’t understand why. First Playboy reportedly want her to model for them for $4 million, now we might have to see her in underwear? This is all a bit much.

It’s amazing what a nose job can do for a girl…

P.S. The girl in the ‘Pink’ picture isn’t Ashlee, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model.


  • Mae says:

    Also appears to have some work done to her eyes AND chin. She just remodelled her entire face! Ach!

  • Marie says:

    thats not ashlee. i mean ashlee rants about her boobs—theyre huge. and this model does not have the bust like ashlee.

  • Kelsee says:

    That isn’t even Ashlee Simpson. The other girls’ face is too wide and her eyes are too big. Her cheekbones are also too high. I don’t buy it.

  • sam says:

    You guys are idiots, the blog says its not ashlee

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