Ashlee is following in Christina’s and Britney’s Skecher footsteps

Ashlee Simpson is the new face of Skechers.

You will all probably remember that Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were once upon a time Skechers girls themselves, with American Idol, Carrie Underwood the current spokesperson.

“Her spunky personality and take-charge attitude is symbiotic with Skechers,” said Jennifer Clay, vice president of corporate communications for the Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based brand.

Erm… we do remember this “spunky” girl got a nose job, went all rock/punk to be “different from her sister” but turns around a year later, blonde just like her sister.

Oh and that she mimed her way though a song on live television.

On other Ashlee news, she was due to perform last night (American time) at the launch of the Victoria’s Secret Pink Lounge collection at Pier 54 for Luke and Owen Wilson, Lara Spencer and Jesse Metcalfe.

[Edit] She just did! Stories and images can bee seen here.