Kate Moss’ smiling after signing on to model for Calvin Klein jeans

After having the drug charges against her dropped two weeks ago, Kate Moss must be ecstatic. It was the frenzy over those pictures that caused Chanel and H&M to drop her from their advertising campaigns almost immediately.

But Kate’s been coming back with a vengeance and making quite a sundae of it all now.

To add some whipped cream on to the good news, it was announce that she is going to appear in the Fall Calvin Klein Jeans ads. Almost similar to the very ones she shot over 10 years ago with Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark for those of you old enough to remember the original boy band – New Kids on the Block). Many of those moody black and white ads featured Kate wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin’s.

This time around she is shot in similar positions with actor / model Jamie Doran, who can be seen on screen with Kirsten Dunst in Sophia Coppola’s movie, Marie Antoinette.

And for the cherry on the Kate Moss sundae, she’s back with Burberry as the iconic British label assembles a ‘Galaxy of Brits’ for their fall ads to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

Not a bad come back at all… especially since she’s also featured in the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign and will star in Bulgari’s Pour Femme fragrance re-launch.

Is there any ad campaigns she is not part of?

See some of Kate’s past advertising campaigns for Burberry and Calvin Klein Jeans below…