Sophie Ward, international success and a nose job?

Fashion Addict Diary suspect Sophie Ward, older sister of supermodel Gemma Ward, had a nose job. Hmmm… I’m not convinced.

She has been modelling on the Australian modelling circut for a few years now, so I’ve seen her in many a fashion show, mainly close up backstage. Back in the days when I was shleping around in the wings hours before the show was due to start – you get to see so much and you realise the models are just regular girls doing a job. Who happen to look pretty and have longer limbs than most people.

But back to Sophie… I don’t think she’s all that striking looking. Uber tall, yes. Clean faced, yes. But destined for the same dizzy heights of a supermodel like little sister Gemma? No.

Though her agent at IMG think so. Then again they have to, they did sign the girl on to their books!