I Spy… a Calvin Klein bag

You don’t see many striking Calvin Klein bags anymore, these days it seems to be all about the Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Hermes bags.

Well I think its time that Calvin Klein make a bit of a come back. With Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan both snapped carrying they’re distinctively retro looking bag. The mod detailing and crisp colours signals that the designers at Calvin Klein definitely have their own thing going for them.

And it’s a nice change to see a bag minus all the hardware detailing or strappy dangly bits.

I have no clue where you can snap it up online, but keep an eye on eLuxury and Bloomingdales. They are one of the few online stores who seem to stock Calvin Klein bags. Though if there are more, I’d love to know!

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Speaking of Calvin Klein, how beautiful is their hair for Spring Summer 2006? Soft and plaited, it frames the face and is relatively fuss and product free.

And the shoes – perfect and crisp for summer.


  • Jamie says:

    I might add that Lindsey’s comeback [bag] does not match her outfit what-so-ever.

  • helen says:

    So true Jamie!

    She must have styled it herself

  • niteyz says:

    i really love the ck bag. tried looking at eluxury and bloomingdales as suggested but no luck still. anybody seen it before or knows where to get it? thanks much

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