Hot new bathers from Woltford!

Ok so I just blogged yesterday about rain and it being winter in Australia. But I am the proud new owner of a new bikini. I didn’t mean to buy any swimwear for another few months, but a friend sent me a link to a website which just happened to have an online store… so after surfing around and looking at the Lagerfeld, Westwood and Missoni clothes, I bought a new bikini.

And yes, the blame for the purchase goes fully on her for showing me the website in the first place.

But I do love my new bikini (pictured right). They’re black and simple, erring slightly to the classic side. The key selling point for me is that I have been looking for some black bathers forever! And these were instantly eye catching (and not slutty). The ties can be altered to not sling around my stomach like it is pictured – because unlike the model, I don’t have a surfboard flat stomach!

The 80% off helped. Bargain. (And they had my size – items on sale are never in my size)

Maybe I should book a trip to the Mediterranean now so I can wear my new bikini…

Check out the other sale items (and non sale items) at: