De-puffing the eyes

The Australian soccer team, the Socceroos, played last night in the World Cup, and while it was a good match, it didn’t finish until after 1am Australian time. And because tuesdays are usually horribly busy, I had to wake up and be at work by 8am (after watching more soccer at about 6am). It was very un-girlie of me to stay up and watch the match, but for some reason I like sport. Even before it got cool over the last few years.

So as you could imagine how much I did not want to go to work this morning with the prospect of everyone asking me why I looked so tired (after all working around a bunch of girls who aren’t so into sport – except for one – they wouldn’t understand). Being tired is one thing, looking it is another.
Thank goodness for natural (aka cheap) alternatives for a little de-puffing this morning. Here’s some I love using when the going gets tough but the tough has to keep going:

  1. Water (to be drunk – after a big night out of course!)
  2. Cold tea bags – the diuretic properties help reduce blood flow to the area. And it’s refreshing!
  3. Cucumber slices – ditto what I said above! Just don’t eat them afterwards. Ick.

Do you have fav way to de-puff your eyes? Share it!

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  • Jennifer says:

    Try putting cold teaspoons over your eyes, the curve in the spoon fits teh mould of eyes and works well… better if you pop them in the frige first..

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