Clearing up my piles of mags…

And I found all of these!

I didn’t realise I had THAT many mags stacked up next to my bed. Magazine-a-holic anyone?

I dare you to try and guess how many magazines are there, and which magazine titles I have in that pile alone! THEN click below for the full list.

Ok… time to check how many you got right!
– UK Vogue (March, April, June 2006)
– UK Glamour (February, March, May, June 2006) I wonder what happened to April…
Aus Vogue (May, June 2006)
– Notebook: (May, June, July 2006)
– US Teen Vogue (May, July/July 2006)
– 9 to 5 (last week’s)
– Shop Til You Drop (June/July 2006)
– Aus Marie Claire (April, May, June, July 2006) when did I buy ALL of these?
– US InStyle (May 2006)
– The Daily
– US Vanity Fair (uber old one – May 2002)
– Russh (January/February 2006)

That’s a grand total of 24 magazines. Gosh I have to keep better track of what I buy! Though a few of those I didn’t have to pay for (thank goodness). But if you factor in the air freighted international mags, I come up even. Scary.


  • Suz says:

    I’m so posting those photos of mine up tonight! hahaha! This is better than that ‘What’s in your makeup bag’ thing that was going around!

  • Jennifer says:

    Yeh ‘m guilty of thats, i have nearly all the uk elle girls from May2004 still… i think i gather them… us teen vogue from feb 2005 and otehr copis oc elle, vogue etc… yeh magazine a holic
    x 😀

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