Buy the Devil’s clothes on eBay

The designer clothes as (soon to be) seen in the highly anticipated movie, The Devil Wear’s Prada, are to be sold on eBay starting this Sunday, June 25 2006, in anticipation of the movie release in the USA on June 30th.

It includes pieces from Valentino, Calvin Klein, Armani, Bill Blass, and of course Prada. A percentage of all proceeds will go to Dress for Success, a charity which helps low-income women by encouraging self- sufficiency through career development.

The pieces worn by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway were reportedly were not dry cleaned during the filming of the movie, so I hope the pieces that go on sale on eBay have been sent to the cleaners before the successful bidders receive their goods!

Otherwise they will receive quite a stinker of a surprise in the mail… (sorry I couldn’t help the pun – really)

For a list of some of the designer pieces available on ebay, visit:

Some for new stills from the movie, check out:

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  • MerchantDesigns says:

    Thanks for informing us of the great ebay sale.
    We @ merchantdesigns can’t wait to see the movie. In fact some of us are still trying to get our hands on the novel….

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