Black nail polish

Kathleen asked me: “What’s your thoughts on black nail polish, all the stars seem to be wearing it…”

Well… if all the stars are wearing it then we should too! Ok not really. But black (or dark coloured) nails does seem to be a trend again. This time instead of using dark nails for a goth look, black nail polish is used to add some spunk to an outfit.

Look at Avril Lavaigne, the reformed punk rock chick, who is now all about being pretty rock chic. With the help of Mischa Barton’s Accessorize ads, and that other ex-rock chick, Ashlee Simpson, black nails are being spotted everywhere again.

The trend with nail polish at the moment is polish with a lot of gloss and even a hint of a metallic sheen. Even opaque polishes have a sort of juicy glow to them, giving them some extra “pop”. Try OPI’s Blackout (pictured above left), or Rimmel’s Black Satin. For a pure black patent glossy, try the new cult classic, Chanel Black Satin.

If black nail polish isn’t your thing, give a dark red or dark purple shade a go. O.P.I.’s Lincoln Park After Dark (pictured above right), which is a deep purple shade or Jessica’s Gypsy, a deep red shade, could be the way to go.

Be proud and show off your dark nails. Just make sure you trim your nails down close to the tips, because talon like nails will have your hands will resembling claws!

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