Another online store to visit…

Ok I know you guys must be getting sick of me talking about online stores that stock some amaaaazing Aussie designers, so I swear this is going to be my last post – for a little while at least. stock one of my favourite Aussie designers, Tina Kalivas. Ever since her first show at MAFW a couple of years ago where her skills in tailoring and creative talent were first shown off, I have been a fan.

They also stock Nicola Finetti, Camilla and Marc, and Mad Cortes. So it’s well worth a surf. Oh and they also stock Alice McCall shoes for all you Alice fans!

From left: Nicola Finetti bow top, Tina Kalivas Corset, Mad Cortes Lola dress, Mad Cortes Lily Dress.

P.S. Also check out Christopher’s Cake Shop if you’re ever in Sydney – a new discovery for me and I am in love with their apple pie. The pastry is not too heavy or light, apples nice and fresh, and not too lumpy and mushy, and the icing sugar adds just enough sweetness without going overboard. Paired with ice cream this is the perfect late afternoon dessert. Yum.

P.P.S. I’m compiling a list of Q&As to be answered here, so keep them coming! I’ll be answering them really soon.