Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Stella McCartney did it, so did Karl Lagefield. Luella Bartley did it for Target International (US), and Tara Jamon is selling well there as well.

Now you can look forward to picking up a piece or two from, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren (pictured left), the Dutch design duo behind Viktor & Rolf at H&M in November. They’re planning to creating an entire collection: women’s wear, men’s wear and accessories, for the popular Swedish chain store.

Known for their upside down antics – in their Milan boutique and in their spring / summer 2006 ready-to-wear show, the Victor & Rolf runway collections are always such a art form. Their collection for H&M should be very interesting.

Right… should book my trip to Europe for November now so I can get myself a piece or two… or ten.

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  • Christina says:

    I know! Isn’t this pretty exciting!? We’ve got an H&M on every corner here but as soon as the designer collections are released people go nuts and flock the stores…MY GOD! I’ve never gone to any of the releases because they’re SO jam-packed and I cannot stand it. People litterally rip clothes out of each others hands…people are like jumping ontop of each other, wrestling over pieces…madness. The stuff sells out in like one hour. So usually they have two releases, they save some of the stuff for a couple days later and then release some more for another round. Sometimes they sneak pieces out in the store randomly so sometimes you can find stuff on a random shopping day. I found a cute Stella McCartney top once but it must have been an error item or something because I couldn’t get it together…it was really wierd, strings missing and stuff….

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