TopShop to NY, Abercrombie to London

Get ready for a chain store swap.

TopShop, the mega English chain store selling super fashionable pieces at a low price, is planning to open a flagship store in New York. No word on where they’re opening yet though. Meanwhile Abercrombie & Finch look to make it a straight swap by opening a London store at 7 Burlington Gardens, formerly the site of the Jil Sander flagship.

Both stores plan to open their flagship stores next year.

So when are they both coming to Australia?


  • Christina says:

    But…what about Sweden!? We’ve got TopShop but I long for Starbucks, Forever21 and other great (inexpensive) places like that…

  • Merchant Designs says:

    We can’t wait til Abercrombie & Finch land in Australia either. They are a fab brand. Love your column by the way….

  • Serge says:

    o some know when exactly will the A&F store open in London ? ….please reply on

  • Amanda Brown says:

    Dear sir/madam ,could you please let me know when your new abercrombie& finch shop is opening in london England.I have not long visited your shop in new york and liked it very much.

    thank you

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