Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a lust object of the moment

It’s Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s!

I was cajoled to watch MI: 3, even though I had originally planned to boycott it because of the whole TomKat thing. But I’m glad I watched it, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is uber yummy. Especially when he spoke Italian in the scenes in Vactican. Though his Irish accent is quite delicious anyway…

Here’s some pics of him in Premiere Magazine.


  • Christina says:

    Ohhhh…he is SOOOOO uber wonderful! I love him!! Irish – FIGURES! My lovely, wonderful, uber HOT “summerlove” is from Ireland (as you’ve probably read in my LJ)….all the hotties are in Ireland, that’s what I keep trying to tell people!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Yer, he is uber good looking. I’ve liked him for years – if you want to see him when he was a bit younger you can watch Bend It Like Beckham, this also stars a young Keira Knightly. (He’s the coach and she’s one of the footballers)
    I want to go to Ireland when I finish my exams in a few weeks *fingers crossed*

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