Leggings are the it item of the season

After spotting way too many girls in town wearing footless tight, or leggings, under long tops, this blogger has to vent their frustration on their blog.

Then the blogger’s favourite celeb, Jessica Alba, tried the look. And just couldn’t managed to pull it off.

And I must say I agree. It does look rather silly most of the time. No one I’ve seen can really pull the look off. And to add to that every other celebrity under the sun from Lohan, Hilary Duff, Nicky Hilton and co seem to be popularising the trend.

“I don’t know who started this stupid trend, but I do know who popularised it. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, and Sienna Miller have done nothing to improve the fashion sense of young women everywhere, by propogating this annoying trend. And now, Jessica Alba is making it worse.

Jessica Alba looks stupid wearing leggings. There I said it. The three-quarter length leggings are this year’s Ugg boot, and are just as dumb. Why on earth would you want to go and ruin a perfectly cute dress, by wearing ugly black leggings underneath?

To all the girls who read this blog, stop wearing leggings. If you’re doing it because you think the latest trends will impress us guys, you’re wrong. We think it’s dumb. Go back to wearing skirts, or jeans, or any other regular clothes that have always looked good. Don’t pay attention to Jessica Alba. Unless she’s wearing a bikini. Bikinis are good too.”

So says Egotastical.

Haha… me thinks I’m going to stick with my skinny jeans and cropped pants.


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