I spy: the YSL Muse

While looking for images for the Marc Jacobs Stam piece, I kept coming across pictures of the stylish women carrying the Yves Saint Laurent Muse. An up and coming “it bag” for those who don’t want a bag that screams “I’ve got a Paddington / Le Dix too!”

While the Muse is not all that striking, but it does have quite a following.

The clean lines of the classic carry-all bag appeals to many, including the trend setter herself, Kate Moss, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez – just to name a few.

A fantastic day bag that comes in 3 different sizes, it gives their owners a slim line, low maintenance look. And to add to that, you can also get your initials embossed on it – after all you wouldn’t want to have someone else pick it up and claim it as theirs if you’ve just spend around US$1,300 on it!

Besides the requisite black, white and brown, the Muse also comes in crocodile, ostrich, linen and probably a few more animal skins. If you want one of the more special ones, it will set you back close to US$20,000!!

Best save that kind of spending on a 5 star holiday to somewhere fabulous and sunny with beautiful men and great shopping. Paris anyone?


  • Emod says:

    Seems there are people who can afford and Muse, and 5 star holiday to somewhere fabulous and sunny with beautiful men and great shopping hehe:) 2 in 1 like Pantene Pro-V:)

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