I spy… the Dior Gaucho bag

I think I saw this bag in real life the other day at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, but I can’t be sure. I saw so many designer bags I couldn’t keep a straight enough list in my head.

It seems that the new Dior bag, which is a new take on the original Dior Saddle bag, is getting quite popular with the celebrities. Spotted recently on the arm of Nicky Hilton, Mischa Barton and of course Sienna Miller. So there’s no doubt more fashion concious celebs are bound to follow suit over the next few months.

There’s something about the rough and tough look of the Gaucho that everyone likes – that or the oversized buckle and charms.

What is with everything being oversized at the moment? First Chloe does the huge padlock, then Fendi with the guitar shaped buckle on everything from bags and belts…

You can pick up a Guacho bag from eLuxury in blue, red, white or black for under US$2,000.
I’m not loving them, but they are quite edgy. So I wouldn’t mind the bue one… I wonder if I’ll win the lottery sometime soon.


  • Christina says:

    I know! Lol. I have been seeing these all over the place and thought for a long time that they are the new “it” bag (or soon will be). Considering they are being toted by Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller they’re definitely going to be a hit. Anything those girls (plus the Olsens and Nicole Richie) wear becomes a huge hit!

    Since I first saw then I thought they were quite cute, I like the saddle-esque look of them. I’d want one in red, blue or black.

    Winning lottery ticket, where art thou..?

  • marc e. marc says:

    i want the fall croc red gaucho.

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