I should hire a personal shopper…

Actually a PA that buys exactly what I ask them without getting distracted by sales.

I had spent a little more than I had originally planned while shopping today. It’s not like I expected Myer to still have a sale on. But they were, and tights were 30% off. So I had to pick up a pair of opaque black ones (not the footless legging ones – ick). Then after browsing / staring / trying on Chloe, Wayne Cooper and Marc Jacob shoes I had to get out of there.

I left Myer to buy the one thing I had planned to buy – Shiseido moisturizer from David Jones. But in David Jones I decided because of recent stresses at work, another bottle of Origin’s Spot Treatment would come in handy for any stress related breakouts.

Then it was up to the shoe section – just in case they had any pretty ballet flats or round toe black pumps… I found the pair of Miu Miu ballet flats I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now (so long in fact that they’ve sold out of my size online) and decided the toe was too round and since they only had the shoe in white and red I simply could not buy it. Now if I hadn’t spotted the Burberry canvas pumps – last pair and on sale – in my size, it would have been a very productive shopping trip indeed. I tried them on for so long (just the one shoe on display, it’s too dangerous to ask for the other shoe) that I swear the sales lady was about to go out back and get the other shoe for me! So off came the shoe and down the escalator I went (after I tried on a gorgeous pair of gold Jimmy Choos).

Unfortunately…. I swung past the lingerie department. And they were having a sale – 25% off all lingerie until tomorrow. So I just had to stock up on my Calvin Klein basics.

After that last purchase I dragged my sorry self back home to indulge in my new purchases and ignore my bank balance until pay day. This week was a little too similar to last weekend where I went shopping for a nice cardi, but found nothing that I liked. So I came home with 2 air freighted international mags, Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes and a bunch of chick flicks.)

I don’t think I should go near the shops again for another month.


  • Mae says:

    You should do a section on picking skincare. Been getting into the more pricier range, and I don’t know where to start! Clinique, shiseido, origins, skII, biotherm…

  • Mischa says:

    Haha, your story sounds familiar.. !

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