Fashion it word: Sculptural

Yes, even words come in and out of fashion. Lately all I keep reading about is sculptural this and sculptural that. It’s beening used to define everything from clothes to hair styles.

We all know that sculpture is a statue, usually works made out of things like stone, bronze, and marble. But using it to describe a fashion item or a hair style?

Over time the word has been use describe the shape of things, including a person’s bone structure (though more commonly you would use the word ‘chiseled’, especially when describing someone’s check bones or jaw line).

As fashion can be interpreted in so many different ways, people have gone through their thesauruses and dictionaries for more adjectives to describe things. So for structured pieces that fit like a glove, and perhaps even have the draped materials like those classic Roman statues, they may be described as sculptural.

Or as the press release for the Toni Maticevski Spring Summer 06 / 07 collection said, (pictured above) ‘sculptural tailoring punctuated by voluminous moments’.