Headbands everywhere you look…

You see someone wearing a headband. And when Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan jump on those bandwagons you know the trend has gone completely mainstream. (And they both seem to adore the ones with a bow at the top, probably to bring back memories of a more innocent adolences… but let’s not analyse them.)

The point is head bands (or hair / alice bands) are still very hot and not so prim anymore. Get one with a wide band in a pretty pattern, or a thin band with a bow adorned at the top.

The shiny plastic ones are sweet, but stick to primary colours if you want to buy one of them, after all shine and a lot of colours is never a good thing.

Check out some of my fav’s avaliable at the moment, and then check out some more here.

From left: TopShop Gingham check, Witchery Tortoise headband, TopShop pattern headband, Forever21 headband.