I spy… Bags and their owners

Wondering around my neighborhood is always interesting, just for the range of fashion you see around the place.

The other day I spied the beautiful Marc Jacobs Stam bag in black (pictured right on the arm of Nicky Hilton who also has one in white), and it didn’t look all that bad. Except for the stiffness of the bag and that it didn’t suit the holder at all. Bags are an extension of a person’s personality and style, so picking a bag that suits you is so important.

Ok I admit I do sometimes tend to lust after bags that are “so hot right now” but would probably not suit me at all, but thankfully I don’t really have the budget to buy everything and anything I happen to lust after for 5 minutes. Otherwise I might have actually bought a pair of wedges for summer.

Anyway, back to bag spotting… I also spotted a Mulberry Roxanne in tan at the Surry Hills markets on Saturday, it even came close enough that I could check to see if it was a real one. Now that is a beautiful bag, there is something about the craftsmanship and the way the leather ages really well that I adore. Every time I go into Cactus Jam in Melbourne I stand there trying to talk myself in and out of buying it… I usually talk myself out of it before I walk past the Mulberry Rosemary’s which are a smaller and more buckled version of the Roxanne.

Don’t have the time to browse bags in stores? You can pick a Roxanne (or Rosemary) online at: Net-a-Porter.com for just US$1195.

Sigh. I will get a new designer bag one day, just like I will one day hold a real Hermes Birkin. It would be wishful thinking to hope that I’d actually own one… a girl can dream though.


  • Christina says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The MJ Stam Bag. I have been lusting over that bag for months now. I wish I could afford it! Darn expensive designer bags!!

  • DivaShop says:

    For just US $1195, Lol! Cool Website,
    keep it up!

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