I spy another Marc Jacobs Stam bag

Well this “spy” was a little more predictable. A friend at work recently purchased a Marc Jacobs Stam, so when it finally arrived the other day we were all ohhing and aahing over the beautiful black quilted bag. It is such a pretty bag… I wouldn’t mind one in off white/cream, even if winter is closing in on us and I should be hoping that I’ll be getting my bags from overseas soon enough.

What bags are we talking about? Just a Luella Gisele I’ve been wanting for a while, it’s purchased and everything by my dear Aunt, but there is now the matter of getting it to me. Which now leads to a lot of questions, like what does it look like in real life? Is it red? Is it the size I wanted? and etc… I don’t even care if the bag is not really a “it” bag anymore, there is something about the Luella Gisele that I still adore.

There is a Luella Stevie on ebay I’ve got my eye on though…


  • Christina says:

    I love the Luella Stevie, so cute! I’ve got it in my layout 🙂

  • Suz says:

    yeah I know about the Chaps website. I linked it last time. But it’s pretty crappy so I thought I’d mix it up with the melb.com.au website so people can search all of melb in it’s fabulousness! 😀

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