I heart Melbourne

Being back in Melbourne is amazing, ok the weather could have been a little warmer and less windy, but that’s Melbourne. The cold outside forces you to find hidden little cafes or shops that will have you coming back for more.

Yesterday Suz and I did the whole meandering thing through some of our favourite shops – with me browsing through two different Kinki Gerlinki boutiques three times. I picked up a gorgeous chiffon forest green dress with white floral applique and matching satin green sash. Perfect with some my bronze strappy sandals for an event this coming Tuesday night.

We ducked into cafes, clothes stores and ofcourse shoe stores while the wind was blowing and rain was falling. But it was fun! Eventually we ended up in Cookie, a bar / restraurant with a yummy Thai menu and funky decor. I love that place, there’s nowhere else like it. And they do a mean Cosmopolitan.

To top off the whole book-ish decor where bookshelves are lined with hardcover books and bottles of wine, the bill came placed inside a copy of children’s book Dumbo. With it’s name inspired by a Lewis Carol story what more could we expect!

Ah I love Melbourne.