Hairbands and headbands

I love the head / alice band trend going around at the moment, they help keep my hair off my face, and they are super sweet.

Ok ok… the main reason i love them is i can finally wear them again after about 10 years of just wearing them around the house and when I wash my face. It’s almost like that SATC episode where Carrie and Berger have that scrunchie “thing”, except headbands are a lot more timeless.

So ofcourse whenever I adore something I surf around the net and see what I can’t buy in Australia (hardly and international sites post to Australia) and write a piece about it for (see my 8 Hot Headbands piece here). So just last month I had to narrow down my picks from various sites around to 8, all the while I was wishing I could own even one of these headbands, especially one from either Miss Selfridge or TopShop.

I think a shopping trip to London is well over due… either that or Miss Selfridge and TopShop should open a store in Australia. I wonder which will happen first… I’m betting on the former.

Also guys, please note, headbands of any kind usually don’t look good on you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy look good wearing a headband, and I have seen many a soccer match where beautiful European sportsmen have headbands holding their hair back. We like to look at your face… but wouldn’t it be easier to get a hair cut?