Day 1 at MAFW – Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill - MAFW SSMy fashion week started late on Wednesday, with the Alannah Hill show.

As per usual, I expected a theatre production where a show would be put on to entertain the audience. The audience this time is of course the fashion crowd who would have seen show after show where models are just walking down the runway.

And Alannah didn’t let us down… or so it seemed as the show started. All spotlights were on a dancer as she twirled and spun a seemingly endless number of hoola hoops around her as she swung her hips and entertained the crowd.

The first few outfits were somber lacey black or pale coloured pieces which made me wonder where the colour was. This was Alannah Hill where colour, especially red, were always prominent and bright floral prints were the key. Thankfully the bright colourfully beaded dresses, cardigans and skirts came on the catwalk in bright colours with huge floral accents.

As the press release following the show said, the clothes were “gorgeous, wild and mischievously feminine. Think of soft kisses on your lips, flower petal baths, melted chocolate on your tummy and love.”

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