Bows bows bows

A girl at work said to me the other day when i walked in the office – “do you have ribbon in every colour?”

Which probably leads you to wonder why she would say something like that. Well I have a thing for cinching outfits at the waist with a piece of ribbion, or tying some in my hair, or even around my neck or a thin piece around my ankle when I’m wearing skirts.

There is just something girly about them that I could never say no too. I do seem to have streams of ribbons in all sorts of thickness and colour, after all as a little girl I use to adore ribbion in my pigtails or worn as a hairband. Only these days I incorporate them into my outfits… as a quick peek at myStyleDiary will show you.

I’ve even put ribbion on a pair of pumps, with small bows at the back… and glued some lace to a pair of peep toe shoes and tied that up into a bow… yes wI adore my bows and ribbions. I am a girlie girl and I love it!

Try some of these sweet pieces from

From left: Moschino satin belt cardigan, Vera Wang leaf beaded dress, Chloe chiffon dress with bow belt, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Angora blend bow cardigan


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