They’re banning jeans in Western Australia?!

Western Australia have really done it this time… a ban is being put in place for 2007, banning jeans (or anything denim for that matter) in Western Australian secondary schools, because according to a spokesman for Western Australia state Education Minister, Ljiljanna Ravlich, “it’s just unacceptable at schools and we are trying to lift the standards.”

What’s next? Thongs (aka Flip Flops)?

Source: Sunday Times


  • Christina says:

    Ah! NO JEANS!? How will they survive!?

  • WA high school student..yeah sucks to be me says:

    thongs are already banned too..yes it is a huge mistake, i mean what are we going to wear in winter? dorky school trackpants? i don’t think so! there will be mass violations of the dress code because of a lack of comfortable, affordable and flattering alternative and the schools can’t punish everyone… i hope this law falls flat on it’s face, the education minister is just trying to compete with the private schools. if i wanted to go to one i would have, not a public school.

  • Alexis says:

    are they high?? what teenager DOESN’T wear denim these days?

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