Karl Largerfeld says Lohan’s too young to front Chanel ads

It seems the rumors that Lindsay Lohan started late last year about her fronting the new Chanel campaigns in the absence of Kate Moss are untrue. And this is coming from the man himself – Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel designer KARL LAGERFIELD has laughed off singer/actress LINDSAY LOHAN’s claims she will front the fashion house’s next advertising campaign, insisting she is too immature.

In December (05) the MEAN GIRLS star boasted she had won a lucrative contract with the fashion giant, following supermodel KATE MOSS’ dismissal over allegations of drug abuse.

But chief designer Lagerfield insists the label needs more sophisticated icons, such as film star NICOLE KIDMAN – who advertises signature scent Chanel Number 5 (corr).

The 67-year-old tells New York magazine, “I prefer Nicole Kidman and that generation.”

On the subject of Chanel, my guess is that Avril Lavigne has been given the same sort of unspoken “contract” that Mischa Barton seemingly had with the couture house (remember when Mischa was sporting more than her fair share of Chanel bags and clothes everywhere?). It seems to me that Avril Lavigne could have experiencing the same treatment.

Just look at the obvious “planting” of Chanel things in this shoot!