Avril Lavinge is no longer a rock chick, she’s a high fashion model

It’s funny how certain celebrities change genre’s in the way they dress, all in the name of fashion. They disregard what made them famous in the first place… and just dress and act differently.

Classic example of the moment – Avril Lavinge. Who now she wants to be a high fashion model, going from Skater girl to Prada girl… Hmmmm. I’m really skeptical about this change.

Maybe she was never a skater girl to begin with, like those reports from way back when she first burst the on the scene. I wonder if her fans will ditch her, or ditch their dark eyeliner and bow ties for Prada bags and Manolo Blahniks….

Pics of the “new” Avril: here and here.


  • Suz says:

    i noticed that too, in her last video clip she looked much more cleaned up and very cute with the lighter hair (wasn’t as blonde as in that link). i was hoping she would clean up her act. she IS beautiful and maybe she finally realized that trashy look is never good on ANYBODY!

  • Christina says:

    Woah! She looks quite different. She’s dressing so classy! Nuts! And she’s wearing CHANEL!? I’m confused…

  • Avril2 says:

    this is iz 4 u Avril: i liked the old u. i looked
    up 2 u, but know i’m not sure who 2 look up 2.
    and i just want 2 say be u not who everybody else
    wants u 2 b. u think about that b4 u change
    everything about u girily. i followed in ur punk
    rocker path, not this 1.

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